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When only carpet will do

As the only available floor covering classified as “soft surface”, carpet flooring offers many benefits, with characteristics all its own. Not only is it warmly inviting, but it’s also durable, comfortable underfoot, and much safer for toddlers and the elderly. Choosing the right fiber can give you an excellent life span as well, especially when cleaned in a timely fashion and maintained regularly.

Kent Island Abbey Floor Coverings wants our customers to feel completely at home when visiting our showrooms in Stevensville, MD, and Easton, MD. We offer no-pressure browsing while still being available to answer all your flooring questions. In addition to serving the areas of Stevensville, Queenstown, Centerville, Annapolis, Denton, Easton, Saint Michaels, Cambridge, and Oxford, we look very forward to serving you too. Please stop by at your convenience to find out more.

The fresh luxury of carpet

Even if you have previously experienced carpet in your home, this couldn’t be a better time to consider it again. New technologies have opened up wider ranges of benefits than ever before and you’re sure to find something, as always, to match your existing decor beautifully.

If stain protection is important to you, be sure to ask about brands that offer stain protection built into the fibers of the carpet. This amazing technology means that even when stains find their way to your flooring, they will not be able to settle in so that they become permanent. Your floors will be easier to clean and you’ll never have to worry about that protection wearing away after a few professional cleanings.

Allergy sufferers will certainly want to inquire about brands that offer hypoallergenic fibers. These carpets trap and hold allergens such as dust, dander, and pollen, keeping them from finding their way into your breathing space. Once you vacuum, those offenders will be forever removed, never to bother you again.

For small children and elderly persons, falls seem to happen whether we try to protect against them or not. Carpet offers a much more stable surface, however, for mobility devices such as walkers and canes, making falls much less likely to happen. If they do, it’s less likely that serious injury will be the result.

When it comes to installation, we always advise against DIY projects for this material. Not only are specialized tools necessary for a proper installation, but so is a certain amount of experience. Homeowners who install their own flooring can even unknowingly void their warranty. So to make sure everything turns out as perfectly as you deserve it to, make sure to ask about professional installation of your flooring.

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