Should I get a nylon or polyester carpet?

Should I get a nylon or polyester carpet?

Should I get a nylon or polyester carpet?

Carpeting is an attractive choice, being soft, luxurious, and adding elegance to your home. If you're like most homeowners, however, you'll want something that's not only stylish but will also perform well for many years to come.

Nylon and polyester are good choices and can be soft, depending on style, but what you ultimately select will depend on your needs, budget, and, primarily, how the room will be used.

Feel free to come into our carpet store if you have questions and would like to discuss this further.  We have many rugs from Godfrey Hirst, Karastan, Mohawk, and others.

All about the nylon floor covering

Nylon has a long reputation for being super-strong, and it can stand up to the heaviest foot traffic, kids and pets. It's known for superior resilience, the ability to maintain its shape even after compression, such as footsteps or furniture legs that press. Stain resistance, when a protectant is used, is good.

Many nylon rugs are recyclable, keeping them out of landfills and addressing the needs of those concerned with the environment. Some are now made from recycled content; when recycled back into another nylon carpet, it creates a cradle-to-cradle sequence with significant environmental advantages.


Polyester is best for guest rooms and homes with only a couple of adults without kids or pets or living rooms used infrequently only for entertaining.  Stain resistance is excellent. Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber, meaning that it won't absorb, so stain resistance is inherent.  Polyester, too, can be eco-friendly with a version with fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.

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