Is carpet flooring better than hard surface flooring?

Is carpet flooring better than hard surface flooring?

As you search for new flooring, you'll have to choose between carpeting and hard-surface flooring. But is carpet better than all the other choices available to you?

Carpet is the only soft surface product available in the flooring industry, and it offers some specific benefits not found in hard surface flooring. Here are some facts that could help you choose the best match for your needs.

The comfort of soft surface flooring

If your requirements include picking the most comfortable material for specific rooms, carpet could be the best choice. If you have children, this is a perfect pick for their rooms, offering warmth, comfort, and protection that lasts.

This floor covering also includes a quieter environment, with increased noise suppression to soften voices, electronics, and footfall. You'll find the peaceful atmosphere can change an entire room, so take the time to find out more about it.

Increased durability for a perfect fit

Pets and children can bring unintentional footprints, spills, and messes that require a little something extra from your floor covering. Carpet offers built-in stain and odor protection that helps your flooring look and smell better for years.

In addition to preventing permanent stains, it inhibits bacterial growth that can create foul odors. The result is a floor covering that performs as you want, especially in busy spaces.

Once you choose the perfect materials for your remodel, we'll give you all the details on professional installation. A professional install means complete peace of mind.

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